We remove the boundaries of e-commerce marketing

Together we are limitless!

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Beginning May 29th, the 2Performant network becomes an open ecosystem in free interaction with the entire online universe, moving it beyond physical and mental boundaries.

Unlimited affiliates

We are removing the boundaries from recruiting collaborators. This liberty means unlimited affiliates from all around the world for all pricing plans.

With 2Performant, you now can work with an unlimited number of affiliates. Moreover, with Odin e-shops can recruit affiliates outside the network or even outside the country. You now have endless possibilities for collaboration with individuals from around the globe, managed from one account.

Unlimited affiliates

We are removing pricing boundaries. The cost is five times less for recruitment outside the network and two times less for recruiting from the inside.

Starting May 29th, online stores can take advantage of the 2Performant infrastructure to collaborate with anyone outside the network for a commission five times lower.

Average commission 2Performant/sale, April 2018*
Category Standard With Odin**
Fashion 2,93% 0,59%
Beauty 2,55% 0,51%
Babies kids toys 1,21% 0,24%
Electronics IT&C 0,92% 0,18%
Books 1,58% 0,32%
*Network commission. Does not include direct commissions with affiliates.
**For affiliates recruited from outside the network.
Unlimited affiliates

We are eliminating bureaucratic boundaries: one account, one invoice. You will find all of your statistics and communication in one place.

With Odin by 2Performant, you will have access to the entire technical, legal and commercial infrastructure, allowing easy and measurable collaboration with as many partners as desired with a single contract and with a single bill. These collaborations can flourish irrespective of the legal form, tax residence or transaction currency.

Unlimited affiliates

We remove boundaries when it comes to the perception of value. We encourage performance and offer public recognition for results.

Through Affiliate and Advertiser Rankings, any member of the platform can adjust their strategy and lists of collaborators in real time based on their performance. Meanwhile, they receive official recognition for their own results, measured by the most important marketing criteria – the number of generated sales.

In the new marketing paradigm, all that matters is the ability to connect with professionals from anywhere in the world and the ability to choose collaborators based on their performance.

2Performant Platform offers you both.